Bird Island and Its Many Victims

Overall, there are four major islands and twenty-three minor ones, one of which is inhabited exclusively by birds. They sit fairly far up in the northern hemisphere of their planet, but weather is equivalent to the southern hemisphere of our Earth. (This is due to the axial tilt being reversed on the planet the N. Tatters Isles are on.)

A (not so) brief note about the "bird island"

This island is preserved as a park, the kind that regular human activity is not allowed on. Occasionally, park caretakers will perform controlled burns of the dense forests for safety reasons, but generally the locals leave the bird population alone. The reverse is far from true, though. Travel guides for the western side of the Isles are littered with pleas to not feed the birds. The consequences tie between a rapid bird explosion, the largest birds pestering tourists, and birds fighting amongst each other over food. The latter results in a subgenre of home movies, nicknamed "bird wars" by the locals. ("Bird wars" are downplayed to tourists out of concern that they will egg on birds as long as three feet.)

Local scientists recently raised concerns of a bird explosion-- in both the size of individual birds and the overall population number. This, "bird war" videos, and a lively bowhunting culture combine in the strangest of ways. Instead of just screaming at the birds to scare them off, citizens have taken to yelling the names of poultry dishes at them. Tourists may laugh, but who's the one laughing when they get chased down for their street food?

Excerpts from a travel guide 

Welcome! It's important that you respect our animal populations while visiting, especially nearby birds. Please take the following precautions:

  • Do not feed the birds. This can cause a wide variety of problems for our lifestyle and ecosystem if not followed carefully.
  • In places labelled "bird zones", do not walk outside with uncovered food.
  • Do not throw things at the birds. Make loud noises if you need to scare them off.
  • Beachside cookouts should happen at night (unless you want surprise guests!).

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